Julia is fired up about feminism and its related causes from legal equality to welfare reform. She works with private clients and organizations to promote the conscionable work they do toward these ends. Operating under a strong belief in collaboration and collective effort, Julia aims to enable cooperation, understanding, and social movement.

Work Areas:

Presentations & Workshops:

  • Self-esteem, body image, & media literacy workshop facilitation
  • Arts & media empowerment programming
  • Speaking engagements (women in media, indie media, commercial society, pop culture and gender, social change in the internet age)
  • Film screenings
  • Live performances

*Visit the In Her Image site for more information

Educational Consulting:

  • Media literacy & self-esteem curricula
  • Media & arts applications
  • Empowerment projects
  • Social web & internet activism


  • E-outreach
  • Book promotion
  • Collaborative event planning
  • Partnership establishment & maintenance

Writing & Speaking Out:

  • Pop culture analysis and OpEd critique
  • Blogging
  • Manuscript, article, blogpost editing
  • Public speaking
  • Writing tutorial & small group facilitation (poetry, short stories, journalism, essays)

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